~ 3 P's ~



Our people are suffering in the form of physical dis-ease or mentally, struggling to cope with this world. When we actively take on a lifestyle of healing ourselves, we create this beautiful harmony within our ecosystem. We believe to accomplish this harmony within our human system and between our ecosystem, we must eat and think to live abundantly. Which in it's essence is to bring ourselves back to the nature of our soul by eating a balanced diet life-giving fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs while living contently and harmonizing the mind to work for you - SOUL! Through the tools of a yogic lifestyle - which promotes a balanced plant-based diet - we may attune to our greatest potential, prevent and even reverse dis-ease. 

In other cultures they utilize food and herbs as medicine, as well as massages and a yogic lifestyle - which goes beyond just the physical practice on our mats! We have observed "miracle" stories, as an M.D. may exclaim, in a friend who is given a death sentence at 30 and is still living vitally at age 80 because of a lifestyle change to raw plant-based eating. In books of naturopaths and healers such as Arnold Ehret {Mucusless Diet Healing System} and Queen Afua {Heal Thyself} that describe their own healings of themselves and many other individuals through the power of fasting and plants. Our bodies are walking miracles, cells constantly communicating to keep us alive and well - yet when a society is misled through manipulation of information, it is easy to forget that we can create any healthy abundance in the form of health, friendships relationships, business affairs and anything else that may come into one's reality! When one forgets our natural ability to heal ourself is when one may turn to the "quick-fix" of pharmaceuticals, alcohol, greasy foods, cigarettes, or wherever else one's addictions may take them to - instead of meditation, chanting, stretching, mantras, pranayama, etc. It is time we recognize these unhealthy, debilitating habits and create a healthy, dis-ease free life for ourselves and the generations to come! 

We believe our people of Earth are in need of a deep healing. The mothers of Earth, the Sky and Universe are asking our people to come into an awareness that promotes physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being throughout all life on this beautiful planet. When we choose to eat plants and live in tune with the One Most High Creator - NTR {or God/nature/creator/sun/Allah/etc.}, we choose to give back to our body, our cells and tissues ~ breathing life into our soulful being!



We understand deeply the concept of all-one which is why this conscious wave of awareness is increasing and why we are grateful to be able to reach out through the inter-web soul family! Before our people knew they were suffering, Earth knew she was suffering ~ when the the planet is suffering because of the people's treatment of her - through dedication to profit - she had to shake us into awareness. She is saying to us, "when plant-life goes into my soil I will grow you beautiful fruits, when dead-decaying matter is dumped within me I create maggots and infertile land." If we compost meat or dairy, the soil turns toxic creating a nest for maggots instead of perfectly decomposed plant matter giving natural nutrients to the garden. 

This factor of life around us goes deep into the spiritual/energetic concept of "root down to rise up." We are physically and spiritually grounded to this beautiful Earth, representing that what she goes through - we go through as well. When we put dead matter into our body, we become dis-eased over the course of the lifespan, in mild forms of the flu or more severe such as cancer. People may be under the impression that when we get old our children will just have to care for us - when they do not. If we feed ourselves to revitalize our body's tissues through the power of plants, nature rewards us with uplifting energy, a beautiful physical body - even in old age - and carry us through a dis-ease free life. 

We believe that we are divinely connected to the core of this Earth and expand into the universe and that we must always be aware of this. We are infinite beings living a human life which is to live to be alive and not live to eat and waste. When we choose to eat plants, we choose to give back to the Earth because our "waste" becomes our compost and regenerates the soil.



We are a company which recognizes the damage done to our people and our planet in the name of profit. We are bellowing out with passion against these actions against humanity. 

Our children are being fed carcinogenic meats in schools on styrofoam lunch plates and we are rising up and shouting "NO MORE!" Our children deserve better than this terrible case of the blind leading the blind.

My people, just be aware of our everyday actions. Be conscious of what we feed our body and mind for it can feed life into our human system and Earth or deteriorate it. 

We can waste the beautiful land we are gifted to rejuvenate or step into an enlightened awareness of questioning: 1) how we invest our time, 2) how we invest our dollars/who do they support, 3) how we can give back to the Earth and reduce our waste, 4) how do we create wellness for ourselves?