A YUJnique Journey



YUJ is Sanskrit for yoga, meaning to join! YUJnique Gardens is about promoting a life of wellness through the uniqueness of our own healing journeys'. Focused on joining a community of plant-empowered peoples, motivators, lovers, and healers to come together for the common wellness of our people and our planet! 

Face behind the jouney


Aloha everyone, Sarah Angelina - founder of YUJnique Gardens - is here and on a mission to develop a peaceful world. Knowing the only way to do this is to come together for creating and healing purposes. In 2014, I started practicing yoga on my own, through an app, completely terrified of the thought of a studio. 

YUJnique cares about you and our planet


All our products and services incorporate a holistic viewpoint based on questioning what we are putting into our precious human vessels as well as, leaving little-to-no waste possible. Our mission is to be 100% plant-based, organic, and ecological. Supporting the people and our planet for we are all one!