Help us save the bees!

YUJnique Gardens’ Save the Bees Foundation

Our Plan and How We Will Utilize Donations

YUJnique Gardens’ is a small farm utilizing permaculture techniques of companion planting, composting, feeding the microbiology in the soil, crop rotation to keep the soil healthy, and growing completely organic ~ free of insecticides and pesticides. The main reason why there is this decline in bees is because of a harmful ingredient in pesticides called glyphosate ~ a chemical also known in other nations to have cancerous effects on rats and humans! When you as a consumer support farmers and small businesses growing and creating organically, you are actively supporting the health of our bees ~ our pollinators! Without bees, our food source would be completely depleted once all the seeds in the world have been planted. Scientists are even looking into an artificial way to pollinate plants because of this decline! Over at YUJnique we are saying NO to machines mimicking nature’s way, we believe in giving back to our planet and restoring the natural process of our ecosystem!

The Save the Bees Foundation is implemented whenever an Earth Loving Individual buys any of our products that utilize beeswax or honey. Every dollar goes into our savings towards our efforts to save the bees and therefore, save our beautiful Mother Earth. By Spring 2020, we wish to be able to receive 3-5 beehives to take care of, in efforts to keep bees in the world safe and healthy. Your donations will go towards those efforts, as well as, any equipment and knowledge needed to safely tend to our bees! In the future of YUJnique, we wish to expand and gift knowledge to young people looking to learn how to help give back to Earth. Once we have a few years of beekeeping under our belt, is when all proceeds will go to the efforts of receiving beehives, beekeeping supplies and knowledge for students.

We believe everyone in this world has the ability to Heal Earth with their knowledge put to action. Which is the main reason why we are saving these donations to expand YUJnique Gardens’ efforts instead of giving your donations to a non-profit where we are not really sure how they are actually helping our Earth. If you have donated, and want to keep track of when and where your donations are being spent subscribe with us below!

We thank you so much, Mother Earth thanks you endlessly for your donations and your efforts to Heal Earth.



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