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Wellness is forever

To be well is our birth right... it is always time to step into absolute wellness. Allow your wellness journey to begin here and continue throughout your life. YUJnique Gardens' is passionate about gifting people with the tools - available to all - to create a healthy, abundant life.

Enchanting Life

Becoming in love with your existence and the world around you is only a conversation away! Self-awareness, self-love, and self-care are the foundations of all of our wellness options. Whether you are near or far, we may assist you in your wellness journey!

Find your purpose, Live your purpose

All of our wellness opportunities are entirely focused on you and your guidance system. We simply gift you with that matching vibration of your highest potential! You are already interested? Great, fill out your information below!

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YUJnique Gardens

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Online Yoga Mentorship Program

  • (2) hour sessions/week via webchat
  • Evaluating your needs, discussing yogic knowledge, discussing universal knowledge, performing breathing exercises/physical exercises working with where you are at
  • Daily email inspiration/prompts/plant-based recipes
  • Monthly Goal print-outs
  • Monthly self-care gifts

                    & more!


At Home - Yoga Mentorship Program

Everything you get in the online package, just for our local people! Anyone 10+ miles away will be charged travel fees!

Opportunity #3

Yoga as Therapy

Locals ~ Anyone 10+ miles away will be charged travel fees!

  • Time for you to nourish yourself and to be able to release pain, worries, fears, stresses 
  • Wholistic practice to uplift you for a lifetime
  • 30 minutes of discussion
  • 45 minutes of breathing exercises/yogic physical exercises
  • 15 minutes of mediation
  • BOGO first time!